Saturday, April 29, 2017

BACM #CD-D-038

1. A Face I See At Evening
2. Old November Moon
3. Amapola
4. Goodbye Pinto
5. Ride Tenderfoot, Ride
6. Lone Star Moon
7. I'm A Cowpoke Pokin' Along
8. A Goldmine In Your Heart
9. Twilight On The Trail
10. Darling How Can You Forget So Soon
11. Old Buckaroo Goodbye
12. Keep Rollin' Lazy Longhorns
13. When It's Roundup Time In Heaven
14. Too Late
15. I Want To Be Sure
16. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
17. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder
19. Merry Go Roundup
20. Address Unknown
21. Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse Tonight (2)

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