Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Western Way Vol. 1

This is a homemade compilation of songs with a western theme, this compilation consists of classics mixed with some of todays western music, i hope you enjoy it.

1. Ridin' The Sunset Trail - Rex Allen - Listen Below
2. Deep In The Heart of Texas - Andy Parker & The Plainsmen
3. A Melody From The Sky - Jimmy Wakely
4. Mexicali Rose - The Sons of The Pioneers
5. End of The Trail - Earl Gleason
6. Leanin' On The Old Top Rail - Trail's & Rail's
7. The Old Chisholm Trail - The Bar J Wranglers
8. Beautiful Texas - The Cass County Boys
9. Mexicali Trail - Vaughn Monroe
10. Down The Old Cattle Trail - Wilf Carter
11. The Streets of Laredo - Ed Bruce
12. Cowboys & Indians - Ron Christopher

Monday, June 23, 2014

At Home On The Range Vol. 4

1. The Man Who Robbed The Bank At Santa Fe - Listen Below
2. Call of The Wild
3. Rose of Old Monterey
4. My Adobe Hacienda
5. Riding Along, Singing A Song
6. Way Out There
7. Patanio (The Pride of The Plains)
8. Headin' Home
9. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
10. Out On The Open Range
11. Rose of The Rio
12. Blue Ranger

Sunday, June 22, 2014

At Home On The Range Vol. 3

This is a home-made compilation of songs with a western theme by the great Hank Snow.

1. I'm Coming Home (Song of The Saddle) - Listen Below
2. Hawaiian Cowboy
3. Answer To Galveston Rose
4. On The Rhythm Range
5. La Cucaracha (Instr.)
6. Chant of the Wanderer (Instr.)
7. El Rancho Grande (Instr.)
8. The Blue Canadian Rockies
9. Ridin' Home
10. Cross The Brazos At Waco
11. Moonlight And Skies
12. Adios Amigo

Thursday, June 5, 2014

At Home On The Range Vol. 2

1. Blue Rose of The Rio
2. The Man Behind The Gun - Listen Below
3. The Cowhand's Last Ride
4. Maria Elena
5. How She Could Yodel
6. When It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below)
7. Chant of The Wanderer
8. Heartbreak Trail
9. San Antonio Rose - Instr.
10. Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You) - Instr.
11. (Town of) Laredo
12. The Restless One

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Texas Belle

Andy Parker & The Plainsmen are one of the premiere western groups that came out of the 1940's with great harmony and a smooth sound that is just fantastic.

1. Texas Belle - Listen Below
2. Ruby Red Lips
3. A Dollar Down (And A Dime A Day)
4. Colorado Blues
5. I Was Born Ten Thousand Years Ago
6. Me And My Burro
7. The Dreary Black Hills
8. Yellow Rose of Texas
9. Take Me Back To Renfro Valley
10. Good Bye Old Paint
11. Night Herding Song 
12. I Ride An Old Paint (I Lead An Old Dan)
13. The Santa Fe Trail
14. Roamin' In Wyoming
15. Call of The Rollin' Plains
16. The Old Chisholm Trail
17. I Wish I Was Single Again
18. There's A Blue Sky Over The Hill
19. I'm An Old Cowhand
20. Deep In The Heart of Texas
21. Dude Cowboy
22. Little Ah Sid
23. Cowboy's Meditation
24. Rooty Toot Galoot
25. Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
26. A Calico Apron And A Ginghan Gown
27. Press Along To The Big Corral