Saturday, August 26, 2017

Decca #DL-8219

1. In The Jailhouse Now - Listen Below
2. More And More
3. Even Tho
4. Your Good For Nothing Heart
5. You're Not Mine Anymore
6. I Haven't Got The Heart
7. Sparkling Brown Eyes
8. You Just Can't Be True
9. New Silver Bells
10. I'm Walking The Dog
11. I'll Go On Alone
12. I Don't Care


  1. I got a message from a guy saying this was in 96kps but when i downloaded it it was in 320 for mp3 and even better in flac, are any of you having issues with it?

  2. Hi Jud, No problems with the bitrate and very nice covers. Thanks

  3. Thank you for Webb! I have a special request! Does anyone have Jan Howard Singing "Dallas, You've Won but the actual single I can only find it live on you tube!