Monday, March 20, 2017

Cattle Compact CCD - #273

I just got this one in today, i hope you all enjoy it.

1. Hidden Valley
2. When It's Night Time In Nevada
3. Little Big Dry - Listen Below
4. Trail To Mexico
5.  Along The Navajo Trail
6. The Big Corral
7. Ridin' Down The Canyon
8. Cherokee Strip
9. 'Long About Sundown
10. Careless Love (Inst.)
11. Going Back To Texas
12. Hold That Critter Down
13. Sunny Side Of The Rockies
14. Steel Guitar Rag (Inst.)
15. Ride, Ranger, Ride
16. Wanderers Of The Wasteland
17. Pass The Biscuts Mirandy
18. A Gay Ranchero (Inst.)
19. It Won't Be Texas To You
20. Goofus (Inst.)
21. You Don't Know What Lonesome Is (When You Get To Herding Cows)
22. My Texas Home
23. Heading For The Rio Grande
24. Twilight On The Trail


  1. Thanks for this - looks like good one.

    1. These guys are one of my favorite groups from the old days.