Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Jasmine Records #JASMCD-3506

1. Partners of The Saddle
2. She Buckaroo
3. Headin' For The Open Range
4. My Miss By The Swiss Chalet
5. My Cross Eyed Girl
6. Riding All Day
7. I Want To Be A Cowboy's Dream Girl
8. Mountain Home
9. The Girl I Left Behind Me - Listen Below
10. Home On The Range
11. The Covered Wagon
12. Chiquita
13. The Life of A Cowboy
14. Going Back To My Texas Home
15. Bad Brahma Bull
16. Night Time In The West
17. Hold On Little Doggie
18. Ridin' Down The Canyon
19. When The Campfire Is Low On The Prairie
20. Yodelin' Crazy
21. Cielito Lindo
22. Strawberry Roan
23. Memories of The Range
24. Dreaming of The Western Plains
25. Little Girl Dressed In Blue
26. My Old Adobe Shack

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