Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Capitol Records #ST-2418

1. Festus Talks About Gunsmoke's Dodge City
2. Dodge City
3. Festus Tells About His Grandpa Hawg Haggen
4. The Ballad of Hawg Haggen
5. Festus Talks About Girls
6. Golly Bill
7. Festus Talks About Teenage Music And Dances
8. Corn Bread And Buttermilk
9. Festus Tells About His Home Town
10. My Home Town
11. Festus Writes To His Girl
12. Phooey On You Little Darlin'
13. Festus Talks About Mules
14. You're Nothin' But A It - Listen Below
15. Festus Tells About His Trip To Las Vegas
16. Las Vegas, Nevada

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