Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Red River Valley

All credit for this one goes to one of my visitors to the blog, i won't mention your name here but Thank You very much for this one.

1. Middle Hand Road  
2. China Nights (Shina No Yuro)
3. Quarrels (Are A Sad Sad Thing)
4. Diamond In The Rough 
5. The Rovin' Gambler
6. Sylvie
7. The Riddle Song (I Gave My Love a Cherry) 
8. Scarlet Ribbons 
9. Red River Valley - Listen Below
10. The Letter Edged In Black
11. Cry of The Wild Goose  
12. Molly Darlin' 
13. The Convict And The Rose



  1. A name! A name! A name!

    1. lol a lot of people just don't want their name mentioned so i don't do it.