Friday, December 25, 2015

Lang-Worth #WES-3

1. Song of The Trail
2. Detour
3. Saddle Serenade
4. Vout Cowboy - Listen Below
5. So Long To The Red River Valley
6. A Cowboy Has To Sing


  1. Thank you. If you want the Lang-Worth generic commercials to go with these transcriptions, go here: and work your way back from December 2013 (going forward is more modern stuff). Right click on "download" to save the files -- all his files are stored on site so everything is still there. If there's a problem, leave him a msg and click the box to get notified when he responds. He also has Pepper-Tanner (Memphis, TN) and others.


  2. Sweet, ready-made cowboy music for radio programming. Another excellent upload, Jud, thank you so much!

    Uh-oh. Wait just a minute...

    This music was made in New York City! What do they know about Cowboys and wide open spaces in NYC??

    How many cowboys (other than Deputy Sheriff Walt Coogan from Arizona and Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud from Taos, New Mexico) have you ever seen in NYC?
    Cowboy music should be made in Cowboy Land, where they know about such things...

    This has all the tell-tale markings of a Pace Picante Sauce tv commercial!

    Git a Rope!!


    1. lol, i have more of these so you better have a lot of ropes!!