Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Incomparable Cindy Walker Vol. 1

This is a homemade compilation of one of my favorite artists, a great singer and composer.

1. Love Is A Lingering Thing
2. You Can't Break The Chains of Love
3. Don't Meddle In My Mood
4. Texas With A Capital T
5. Miss Molly
6. Triflin' Man
7. Weary Heart
8. Till The End of Time
9. No More
10. I Hear You Talkin'
11. Pins And Needles In My Heart
12. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
13. Ti Yi Yippee Ay
14. I Wanna Go To Mexico - Listen Below
15. Oh Darlin'
16. Christian Cowboy
17. Don't Be Too Sure
18. Me And The Moon Aren't Speaking
19. Happy Go Lucky
20. Put Your Arms Around Me


  1. This is no longer available. Please re-post. Thanks.

    1. It will be re-up by 8pm et. but only at 128kbs because that's what i have it saved as.